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Autumn Stone’s 7 All-Time Favorite Books

7 Favorite Romance Books
Posted by Autumn Stone
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When I tell you that literally twice a year I freak out and desperately try to find this series-I’m being serious. This series is the first one that I’ve ever read with a Black family and woman deeply entrenched in mafia culture without their story being some random unrealistic situation. What I love about this series is that Carter, the main lead, is basically an assassin bad ass mafia princess who takes no shit from anyone while being incredibly feminine. Sometimes I feel like Black women in books like these are made to be hardened by life. Softness and femininity is not a part of their energy. What I love about this series besides the action, the love story and the world that they live in is that I had so much fun reading this story. I’m not sure what Michelle Hardin is working on now, but I hope that she publishes some new books soon! There are 5 books in the Dangerous Beauty Series.

One of the primary reasons why I started this website was to elevate, highlight and share the work of authors of color in the romance space. Or, to share books that had at least one character of color as the lead regardless of the ethnicity of the author. 

In this episode I thought I would share some of my favorites books that I re-read over and over again. It’s my hope that you’ll fall in love with these books and authors work as much as I love it.  The emphasis in this episode, of course, is on self-published authors. Why? Because that is the purpose of these platform. To amplify the works of self-published authors. So you might not see some of my favorite authors on this list because they are currently traditionally published so please do keep that in mind as I share this episode. Also, I do want to mention that the books on this first list are primarily interracial romance that just kind of happened. 

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Looking for Guests

Do you have a favorite author that you feel would be a fantastic guest on Let’s Talk Romance with Autumn Stone? The basic criteria:

  • Be an author writing books that have a woman of color as one of the lead characters. Why am I making this distinction? I just feel that there aren’t enough stories centered around the love lives of women of color.

  • Have something to share about their author journey that will inspire and encourage other writers, in particular authors of color. Allied authors are welcome on the show.

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Book #1 Dangerous Beauty-Michelle Hardin

Book #2 His Muse-Twyla Turner

This is an Age Gap, Second Chance Romance. For many women it can feel like we don’t get a second or even a first chance at love. Twyla Turner wrote a truly beautiful and thoughtful book touching on this topic. I like to share this book because it’s one of the only age gap books that I’ve read featuring a Black woman as the main character. The other thing that I want to point out is that the first time and maybe even the third time I read this books I cried at a certain point in the story. Twyla Turner also as an author is so fun to watch on her many adventures abroad. I can’t say it strongly enough, His Muse is a beautiful read. This story takes place in France, one of my favorite countries in the world.

Book #3 Encore-Trevion Burns

Often it can feel like as a Black woman that I’m seen and appreciated by those around me. In this book, the idea of the looked over friend who has always been in love with the main character is done so well. Aria and Yoshi have this deep love for one another but Yoshi takes her for granted and is unfortunately swayed by fame and other people’s “helpful” guidance on how he should approach his unsexy romance with Aria. This is a rock and roll romance and so having a truly Black woman on stage or even as a love interest is looked down on in that world. Trevion Burns is one of my favorite self-published authors and has the distinction of having two books on my list.

Book #4 The Almeida Brothers Trilogy-Trevion Burns

I think this is the only BWWM series that I’ve read with an age gap romance written with a Black female lead character. What I love about this entire series is the ongoing tension between the characters. Also, I just love how powerful Lila, the main character is as it relates to her sexuality and the power that she wields with it. Chase and Jack, the two brothers in the books, just exist in her world. I also really liked the backstory that sets up the conflict and the love story that ultimately comes to light.

Book #5 First Love-Tiya Rayne

The secret baby trope is an intriguing one. How in the hell do you hide a baby? But, in this story of first love, racism, classism and going against the grain, we find out. What I truly love about this story is how Tiya Rayne shows how unsupported love can tear up families and force people to make decisions with lifelong consequences. Such as the impact of decisions on one’s dreams and career and putting someone else’s dreams before yours. These are questions and decisions that women find themselves making often.I also kind of teared up when reading this book the first 15 times. Absolutely love this story, it’s so well done and I can’t say it enough.

Book #6 His to Own-Theodora Taylor

We just exist in Theodora Taylor’s book world. She explores so many themes in her stories ranging from dubious consent, Mafia, Bratva, super Alpha Males, women finding their voice and more. Her books have so much tension in them. But, the one book that I wanted to point out was “His to Own.” June and Mason’s story is so unexpected and what I truly enjoyed about this story is how June finds her power through the course of the story. She has had a lot of truly horrible things happen to her but she keeps dreaming. Mason is also the most unlikeliest of love interests, especially for a woman like June. Initially, this is a slow burn romance that picks up because nothing about them suggests they would actually fall in love. I also like that Mason is not traditionally educated. He’s not dumb, far from it, but the life that he’s led kept him from traditional education and the life that we imagine most white men living.

Book #7 Chained to the Devil’s Son-Shea Swain

This book is very much a Dark romance and not for the faint of heart. I should be clear, Junior and Eve connect in their own personal hell (I don’t want to give too much of the story away). And how Shea develops a story and answers the question: How does love develop and happen during the most devastating of circumstances is really at the heart of this story.

Bonus Book-Scarlett XOXO

What is so great about this book is how human and flawed the lead character Scarlett is in this story. In fact, her flaws are central to the conflict in the story. Added to this conversation is her identity as a biracial woman with a mother ill-equipped to love anyone but herself. I find that I’m becoming drawn more and more to stories of more deeply complicated heroines. While Scarlett is likable, I do think some readers will find themselves questioning why didn’t she remove herself from the situation that she found herself in with a married man.

I plan on doing additional episodes where I share my favorite books and stories that I’ve discovered during the year. I’m a whale reader and I’m excited about my upcoming book adventures.

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