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The Perfect Find on Netflix

Posted by Autumn Stone
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I love rom-coms. There is something about sitting down for a little over an hour and enjoying a story that is light fun and effortless. As an African-American woman, I get tired of not having enough opportunities to enjoy something light while enjoying a glass of Black Girl Magic rosé. If you’re looking for a new African-American rom-com movie that entertains and leaves you happy-listen on to the following review and some additional thoughts. Also, there are no spoilers in the following review.

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Show Notes

One of the things that I absolutely love about The Perfect Find is that Gabrielle Union not only acted in the movie, she is also one of the producers of the movie. After the recent conversation that many of us had about she and Dwayne Wade and their 50/50 household finances split-I’m glad that she’s securing the bag and making income that will help her long-term. But, that’s not the conversation for this episode. Instead, I want to talk about how I found The Perfect Find to be imperfectly, perfect.

In the tradition of similar stories, The Perfect Find takes place in New York City which acts in many ways as an additional character. What I loved about the trope explored in this movie was the older woman, younger man reverse age gap approach. Keith Powers plays, Eric, Jenna Jone’s love interest.

Yes, he’s pretty hot too.

This is not a perfectly made movie. But, it was perfectly made for me and other African-American women who want to enjoy a rom-com designed with us in mind.

One big tip for viewers-make sure to pay attention to Jenna’s styling in the opening credits of the movie. I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of her styling during the movie, but when I watched it the second time-I better understood the journey her character was on via her styling.

I especially enjoyed the healthy representation of Black parenting in the movie. Jenna’s mom is hilarious and one of my favorite lines in the movie is said by her mom “You’re a grown ass woman!”

Gina Torres plays Darcy, Jenna’s long-time frenemy and I enjoyed the scenes where they have a back and forth dialogue with one another. Darcy’s styling is outrageous, brash and fun-the way that you would imagine a CEO of her own fashion business to look. I was happy to have the characters in a creative space where they could be creative fun and whimsical.

The soundtrack is impeccable and deserves an A+ for being a wonderful compliment to the movie.

One thing that was interesting to me was that Eric’s character felt a teensy bit more self-actualized than Jenna’s character. I would have liked a little more of her back story.

Conversations that were explored and that I enjoyed during the movie included:

  • The unspoken thoughts that younger lovers may have about an older lover
  • How age and self-doubt can manifest into jealousy
  • How your age influences your job opportunities

Ultimately though, I love that this movie is a joyful exploration of love from a Black lens. There’s no cliched drama, these characters are having fun, are powerful and enjoy their sexuality.

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