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Back to Romance-A Reintroduction to Autumn Stone

Posted by Autumn Stone
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In my “real” life I write about money. I cover all topics focused on personal finance, policy and social equity. It can get pretty heavy to talk about but it’s a passion and a mission that I’m focused on. So, when I started writing romances as a way to balance out my energy and to tap into a different type of creativity-it was magical for me. I was hitting my stride right when the COVID pandemic hit and it hit me hard. My regular business changed and my thoughts got dark.

Ultimately, I just didn’t have the capacity to write romance during a time that took so much energy. I made the decision to pause writing or maybe the decision was made for me. I took a break that ended up being much longer than I expected. The break was almost 3 years. It is now the middle of 2023 and I’m excited to share that I’m working on my world of romance again. I’m working on a number of different types of stories and worlds and I’ve decided that all of my stories will be housed under the Autumn Stone pen name. In the following short podcast episode, I’m going to share what to expect moving forward.

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What Types of Romance?

I am a whale reader of romance which means that there are very few genres that I don’t enjoy. One of the issues that I was struggling with prior to taking my break was that I wanted to explore different genres and was worried that those stories would turn off my previous readers. I even created a new pen name for some of those stories and it just became too much. Too complicated and way too stressful. I’m not worried about that anymore. Instead, I’ve decided to write the stories that light me up and publish all of them under the Autumn Stone pen name. Are you wondering what types of romances I plan on writing?

Here is a short list of the genres.

  • Paranormal-There is a wolf shifter romance that I cannot wait to write and share with the world. Keep an eye out for that sometime this fall.
  • Contemporary-I always love contemporary romances with a particular love of the enemies to lovers trope.
  • MC Romance-This is one of my favorite genres to create worlds in and I plan on writing more stories in this world.
  • Reverse Harem-Oh hell yes! What’s not to love about having multiple lovers who lift the FMC up, challenge her and all the love?

I also have some series that I wrote during the past couple of years that I’m reworking and republishing. Series that you’re not familiar with.

My FMC Will Always Be Black

All of my female main characters are Black. Why? Because I started reading romance around the age of 11 or 12 and in my lifetime of reading romances, it stood out when I came across a book that featured a Black woman as the main character. Thank you Beverly Jenkins! I’m not sure why it’s still such a big deal. In fact, we just went through the drama of Halle Bailey being cast as Ariel in the live action rendition of The Little Mermaid. Mermaids aren’t real.

Why is it still such a big deal?

Well, apparently it is and my goal in life is to fight the patriarchy and societal norms that are dumb. So, ALL OF MY BOOKS have a Black female main character who may find herself in one, some or all of the following situations:

  • Dating a wolf shifter or being a wolf shifter
  • Being an assassin
  • Can ski
  • Can swim
  • Lives somewhere that may surprise you (we’re everywhere!)
  • President of a fortune 500 company
  • Shy
  • Extroverted
  • Black Love
  • Interracial Love
  • Sexually empowered
  • Sexually shy and reserved
  • Dark romance
  • Sunshine and grumpy romance
  • With both parents in the home
  • Raised by one parent
  • A witch
  • Curvy
  • Not curvy
  • Has a kid or kids
  • Child free
  • Loving a reverse harem life
  • Menage life
  • Has one boo

My point? My characters will experience the full scope of romance worlds just like any other characters in a romance.

Who My Books Are For

Anyone that is excited to go on a journey with my characters! Readers who don’t debate weither or not a mermaid should be played by a Black actress. Anyone willing to suspend disbelief and just lose themselves in the story.

Romance can show up in a lot of different ways and I’m excited to explore them.

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