Let’s Talk Reverse Harem Romance with Quirah Casey

Quirah Casey
Posted by Autumn Stone
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I am an obsessive romance reader who enjoys reading most genres and tropes depending on what I’m in the mood for that day. One of the genres that I find particularly fun to read is the reverse harem genre. What I find so fascinating is the lack of POC main characters in that genre, especially when I see readers requesting and looking for books featuring POC main characters. I was lucky enough to interview Quirah Casey who is an incredible author that has published in that space and I’m excited to share the following interview.

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Show Notes

  • Quirah Casey is an author who writes in the Contemporary/Fantasy and Paranormal genres with books typically featuring Black/Brown female main characters (FMCs).
  • We laugh when she shares how Twilight is connected to her writing journey.
  • Quirah shares how she starting writing on Wattpad
  • I ask if she’s team Jacob or Edward.
  • We discuss her book Relapse, a contemporary reverse harem, featuring a woman of color (Love this book!)
  • We also talk about Scarlett XOXO, another reverse harem featuring a woman of color written by Autumn Reed.
  • I share with Quirah that I love how flawed the character Ivy is in Relapse. Quirah shares why Ivy is written the way that she is.
  • I ask Quirah why she thinks POC aren’t being written as leads in reverse harem books and she shares a great take on what she thinks other authors are afraid of.
  • Next, we talk about what it’s like to write in a new genre that you’re not sure about.
  • How does Quirah address social issues in the books that she writes?
  • The Centrist Syndicate-this book looks like so much fun and Quirah discusses who’s involved in building this book’s world.
  • In case you’ve been wondering who does her gorgeous cover art, Quirah drops the goods. Check out the Deadkrest cover here.
  • I fan girl when I discover that Overdose is the sequel to Relapse.

The Business of Writing

  • How graphic design factors into Quirah’s writing business
  • Quirah details how she leveraged Wattpad as a book launching space.
  • We laugh when she details how working at Subway for 3 days cured any interest she had in working with people.
  • Quirah enrolled in graphic design school and it’s interesting to discover what happened next.
  • In the next year she’s anticipating being at a crossroads in her business. The decision that she will have to make.
  • We talk about going into business, managing risk and dealing with negative feedback.

COVID and Writing

  • I wonder if COVID affected Quirah’s writing-her answer will crack you up.
  • We discuss why self-publishing was so attractive to her and the fact that she published her first book at 15 years old.
  • Learning how to market with AMS and Facebook ads.
  • We talk email lists and I think about how having good team members such as her PA, Nicole, is so important.
  • Quirah shares a marketing tip for those of you who are active in Facebook reader/author groups. Grab a pen.
  • She shares her #1 piece of advice for a would-be author.

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