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A Conversation with Seyna Rytes

Author Seyna Rytes
Posted by Autumn Stone
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One of my favorite parts of running a podcast is the opportunity to have conversations with incredible people. In this episode, I speak with author Seyna Rytes. She and I discuss representation in romance, networking in author run spaces, and the business of romance writing.

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Show Notes

  • Seyna began her journey into romance when she was young, reading her mom’s Harlequin Romances
  • Romance has always been a comfort to her.
  • Moving to the US encouraged her to try out self-publishing.
  • France was wonderful but at times made her feel discouraged when it came to trying out her own writing and sharing her creativity.
  • Her 1st self-published book didn’t do so well.
  • Cole in Her Stockings was a holiday release that did really well.
  • Initially she worked with a small publishing company but that collaboration didn’t go well and Seyna decided to self-publish instead
  • We discuss who she writes for and why Black women are typically the female main characters in her works.
  • We joke about the Arab Sheik experience in romance novels when we were younger.
  • I ask Seyna what her biggest fear was when writing her first book.
  • She shares what surprised her after publishing.
  • Seyna talks about networking with romance communities and how it helped her with her book writing process.
  • Advice for would be authors.
  • I ask about her favorite romance genres.
  • The business of romance writing, let’s talk.
  • Why marketing is an exercise in being deliberate.
  • We discuss dark themes, reverse harem, and the fact that women of color are underrepresented in that space.
  • I ask what she’s doing to grow her writing business
    • Paying attention to the vibe in Romancelandia
    • Networking with her Seyna Sirens
  • Currently, Seyna is working on creating more of a “signature” to her writing
  • I tell her to raise her book prices LOL!
  • Kindle Unlimited vs. other platforms

Seyna Rytes

  • Seyna Rytes Author page
  • Seyna’s Sirens Fan group

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